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In these terms, 'Customer' means the party placing the order and responsible for payment. 'We", "our" or "us" means the Sidmouth Website

All orders placed for advertising subscriptions on the sidmouth.com webpages are subject to the following conditions:

1. We reserve the right to refuse, amend, withdraw or otherwise handle any information submitted for publication at our absolute discretion

2. The Customer confirms to us that the information provided for publication does not contravene any Act of Parliament and it is not in any way illegal, defamatory or an infringement of the rights of any other party nor of the British Code of Advertising Practice. The Customer also confirms that copyright, wherever appropriate, is vested in the Customer

3. We will be indemnified by the Customer indefinitely against any damage and / or expense which we may incur as a consequence, whether direct or indirect, of the publication of the information provided by the Customer

4. The Customer must settle the invoice in full within 15 days of its date of issue. We reserve the right (without prejudice to the Customer's other rights) to charge interest on any outstanding uncontested amounts at an annual rate of 2% above the base rate of Lloyds TSB Bank plc in force at the time of the action

5. All information is accepted for publication on the understanding that any and all descriptions relating to the goods and / or services and to the Customer are true and accurate

6. We take every care to avoid mistakes, but cannot accept liability for any errors or omissions in the information published. It is for the Customer to check the accuracy of the information published and advise us of any errors contained therein

7. All copy and pictures may be supplied either by us or the Customer, as agreed. Where supplied by the Customer, all copy and pictures must be supplied without application from us. If no information is received within 7 days before the proposed date of publication of the information, we reserve the right to publish the basic information only

8. All copy and pictures must be supplied in the required format. Information for publication, including the classifications and categories in the product sections, must be supplied by completing the form provided on the Internet. Pictures must be provided in hard copy for scanning (we accept no responsibility for return of pictures) or in electronic format - either .tif, .jpg or .gif. Electronic images must conform to the image and file sizes stated. We reserve the right not to publish the information if it is not supplied in the correct format

9. We cannot be held responsible for changes in the dates of updates to the information. Generally, updates are undertaken on the first or second weekend of each month, but we reserve the right to change this arrangement as and when necessary

10. We reserve the right to modify the wording of any classification or category in the product sections of the directory

11. These conditions and the contract between ourselves and the Customer are governed in accordance with the Laws of England & Wales.

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Clients must ensure that the Logo company headings are up to date with any company changes.

Clients must ensure that the address and telephone numbers are correct.

Clients must ensure that email address is correct.

Clients must ensure that any photographs we show of their shop-business-establishment premises are up to date with any re-furbishment and company image and including any staff changes that may show in the photographs.
If you are an affilate member of any organisation and we show that logo on your webpage should this become out of date it is your responsiblity to tell us.

Webpages Business Listings and company profiles should be kept up to date with your customer base.

Our Databases and websites are updated daily please ensure that you notify us in writing and by email for any changes that must be done to keep your business listing correct.


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Clients whom join our database to promote their website address where our webfinder locates your domain "each client makes available to us freely their contact details for us to promote that business" to a larger customer base websites domains may not be known to other clients and customers here on the "SIDMOUTH GUIDE" we promote that business in a unique way in our A-Z multi-listings this displays a webpage that tells the viewer on line if that business has a website address and contact details.


If at anytime you do not wish us to show your business details please write to us at

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SEE OUR "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" page regarding our late payment charges and our right to withdraw your Display Advertising in the event of non-payment or the disputes procedure.

Clients webpages are processed with the information supplied by the business client and it is their responsibility to ensure at all times we are presenting the correct and up to date information.

Webpages and Display Advertising maybe updated at anytime.It is up to the clients to inform us of any changes of email address and web address link.

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