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Held on Saturday 22nd July, this year's Honiton Charter Day looks to be an event suitable for all ages with stalls on Northcote Lane and Allhallows Playing field, a Classic Car Show and various types of entertainment on the High Street including a dog show and Honiton Twirlstars.

An annual celebration to mark the anniversary of the granting of the Honiton Market Charter,, Charter Day is an opportunity for local organizations to promote their selves and local charities to raise funds.This years events commemorates 760 years since the Charter was granted to the town and there will be music and entertainment and a very busy and fun packed day is anticipated for all to enjoy.

Would you like to promote your local charity or organization?

With stalls available on Allhallows Playing Field and at Northcote Lane why not take part in the Honiton Charter Day.

With a fee of £5.00 for a stall, this year's theme is 'Markets through the ages'. By no means compulsory, everyone is encourages to dress up in any period clothing between 1257, the year the Market Charter was granted, and the present day. There are prizes to be won for the most original/best costumes so why not join in the fun!

In order to hold a stall you will need to hold your own Public Liability insurance.

If you would like a stall on the day to raise awareness, or funds for your charity/organisation would you be good enough to fill out the booking form, and post to Terry Darrant at T Darrant, 46 Pine Grove, Honiton, EX14 2HU along with a cheque for £5.00 made payable to Honiton Town Council.

To find out more about the Honiton Charter Day, please contact Honiton Charter Day Committee's Terry Darrant on 07398759227.