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Cedric Harris

High Street, ,
01297 489133
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Many people have heard of the Bioflow range of magnotherapy devices, but are unsure where to obtain further information or the products.
They need search no further than Honiton Market where Cedric Harris has been in the market for the past 13 years.
Cedric specialises in stocking the complete range of Bioflow products, with the occasional exception of the more expensive horse and dog blankets, though these can always be obtained at a few days notice.
He also offers advice and an extensive after-sales service including the replacement of broken straps for a nominal fee, loops, buckles and anything else that needs attention.

Of the 1500 customers in Honiton, only 30 have asked for a cash refund. This in spite of the Company‘s generous guarantee that if no pain relief is felt within three months, they will refund 85% of the original purchase price.
On the contrary, many customers report considerable benefits long before the three month period is up, and these benefits extend to their pets - dogs, cats and horses too, when fitted with the appropriate magnetic collars or boots.

Add to this his many customers living further afield who have bought Bioflow products at shows, or via mail order, and it is clear that this is no fly-by-night operation.

Of course, mention should also be made of the superb ecologically friendly products from Ecoflow plc. which are also available on the stall.
These include magnetic blocks which clip onto fuel pipes, petrol, diesel and L.P.G., as well as similar magnetic blocks for use on central heating systems, gas and oil. Savings in the order of 10% to 20% are frequently confirmed, as well as improved performance of the equipment, and of course, less pollution to the atmosphere, since the magnetically treated fuel burns more efficiently and completely. Those who are persuaded by the greenhouse gas/global warming debate would do well to consider fitting one or more of these devices as their small contribution towards resolution of this apparent problem.

There is also a magnetic block for clipping onto the household water main. This is especially useful in hardwater areas, as it acts on the suspended salts in the water, preventing them from settling as limescale. It goes further, however, and dissolves the limescale previously formed.

For mail order enquiries or further information, telephone Cedric Harris on 01297 489133 or better still, visit him in Honiton market on Saturdays. He is on the right hand side at the western end of the High Street, towards Exeter.