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“We won’t tell you how to run your business, just help you with your ideas”. This is the Gerranium motto and it is something that we take very seriously. After all, you know your business and where you want to go better than we do. However, sometimes you need to bring in some outside help for that special project and that is where we come in.

Our website focuses on our being able to help clients with:

Business Continuity planning
Data transfer planning
Data mapping and data entry
Project planning and business process advice

Of course, as we like to help clients with their ideas we do not stick exclusively to the above list. Recently we have been asked if we would help clients with responding to a Tender document request and with some time management advice. We will only help if we can and if we don’t have the expertise to respond to a particular request we will find and recommend someone who does.

Focusing on just one area of our work, Business Continuity planning can also be called Risk planning, or “help the boss is on holiday and we’ve had a water leak what do we do” planning. In other words it is planning so that you know what to do when something goes wrong. Official figures say that 1 in 5 businesses will suffer some kind of significant disruption each year so it makes sense to plan for that eventuality. We can help you to identify your key business processes and risk areas and to draw up a plan either to stop those areas being a problem or to get you back to full working as quickly as possible should anything happen to disrupt your business.

Gerranium is based in the Honiton / Ottery St Mary / Exeter area but we are happy to travel and have clients in Torbay, the New Forest and near London.

From a green perspective, for distance travel we will use the train wherever practicable and we carbon offset all business travel. We use recycled paper and recycle as much as possible.